Organic Soap Bars

Organic Soap Bars

Gummy Monkey  🍌 🐵 -    Strong blend of the banana and coconut atop kiwi and other fruity undertones. Contains sea salt as an exfoliant.

Eastern Love 💕- A sharp woodsy floral. We would consider ours bar of soap a nice unisex fragrance. Contains sea salt and ground oatmeal as exfoliants.

Passion Pear 🍐-  A succulent and sweet fragrance, French Pear leaves skin feeling fresh and luxurious. Crispy and juicy aromas generously moisturize for soft, sweet results.

Queen 👑 -  This African violet soap is to die for. You will love the feel and smell! Hey 👑! 
Strong violet scent with hints of other floral and juniper berries as an exfoliant. Unique and strong but not overpowering!

Happy Holiday - Our roasted almond soap mixed with hints of cinnamon, clove and light musks.

Cherry 🍒 Nut Bloom -The one and only! Our top selling bar of sap with roasted nuts and wild cherries. Contains ground oatmeal as an exfoliant.

Island 🌴 Girl - This love spell passionate soap bar will amaze your noise and make your skin so silky smooth.

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